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Nunchuk64 Commodore 64 wireless controller adapter

Nunchuk64 controller adapter for the Commodore 64

With this you can use Wii or SNES mini controllers on your C64 including wireless versions.

Just attach the unit to your C64 and connect your controllers

With the additional buttons an 'UP' button has been mapped as well as a auto-fire button.

If you do a long hold of the button on the unit the controllers port will be swapped. Saves unplugging controllers for games that require Port 1 etc.

You can even use the top shoulder buttons of the SNES mini controller as left and right for driving games.

I have tested this myself with a few controllers and it is working perfectly.

Credit goes to djtulan who is the developer of this product. More information on its features can be found at the below link.

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